Friday, April 20, 2012

Wat is a "Life"

I finally got a job as a designer! I work at a print shop doing design. It's awesome. But now I work 6 days a week, and am beat when I get home, then I play with Mason to wear him out and then I'm DEAD. I'm still working on a personal piece and a comic in the meantime, so it's been a hectic past week. Sorry I've fallen off of the blog-o-sphere, but eh. Hopefully soon a scanner will be in my mitts so I can show some progress on the corgi comic and personal piece. :) In the meantime...I am alive!

My friend's mom, Vickie and I rescued a little corgi (or mix?) from a shelter today. I submitted paperwork, she went and got him and is fostering! He has a HUGE growth on his neck and I think that's the only reason he wasn't adopted, because he is HELLA cute. Meet Buckshot:

He is 3 years old, and needs to be neutered and have his second head removed. He is well behaved, gets along with dogs and ignores cats and is housetrained (from what we're told). He is very friendly and sweet and will look sooo handsome with that lovely lady lump removed. If you are interested in adopting this guy once his junk n junk is removed, feel free to email me at and I will forward you an application. :)

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