Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PetVetID Review

PetVetID is a business started by my friend, Tavia. Right now it just needs networking, so I thought I'd write an honest review now that I have my card:

What PetVetID offers is a card with all of your pets information on it, for easy access at vets and emergency clinics. I sent Tavia a copy of my records for Mason and she whipped this up--it has my name and address, Mason's breed (or what I'm guessing he is for now, he's either a cardi or a mix!), his age, sex, if he's fixed, weight, medications he may take and any medical conditions he may have.

On the back are his vaccines, card expiration and Microchip information, including his personal URL and one of those smart phone photo link thingies!:

I have yet to register my account, but basically you go register on the website and the url listed becomes the pets url for easy access to all of this information.

For 9.99 a year (to keep everything updated and current, you would need to replace your card yearly), you get all of THIS--a handy way to be prepared in an emergency for your pet. And because they are laminated cards that are the same size as your average drivers license, they fit easily into your wallet.

I would recommend these to anyone--it's a great thing to have, it's cheap and it's an extra layer of security for your pet. Please check them out! I love mine, the quality is great! Plus I get to carry around a little ID card for my dog in my wallet, and nothing is cuter than that.

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