Monday, April 9, 2012

Mason's Park Days

I took Mason and my niece and nephew to the park the other day, which is what most of these photos are from. Two are from us just taking a walk down a main road and then a dirt road. Anyways, Mason proved his teenagerdom on the park day--he was a total scamp. He ran around and would play frisbee but when the kids were running around he started following them and jogging circles around them holding his frisbee like "this is fun! We're having fun! What are we doing? Is this fun? I'm coming up there. Wait up. Where are you going? THIS IS FUN." And would not, even if I was probably on fire, listen to me. He even got on the playset and went down the SLIDE. Weird ass dog.

Anyways he's back to listening and falling over if he's in trouble as of the past few days. I took him to the park to play frisbee in the abandoned baseball field and we saw a few dogs. I need to take more photos of the baseball field--my brother played softball there and it's really neat, it's off of the main strip in Broadway which when you go behind it it just looks like this nice neat row of houses next to a road, then there are train tracks between it and the field. On the other side there are trees and a river a bridge. I dunno, it's just a really cool setting. (You can kinda tell in the first photo what I'm talking about).

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