Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prepping For the Worst

Today someone mentioned on the CorgiPals facebook announcement of the new fundraiser for the several corgis that all need help at once about having CP be a resource for preparing for these kinds of disasters as well as helping out. I thought this was a great idea, and I'm going to work on a pitch for that here, and keep editing it in the future. So...that's what this is.

I think something many people should consider (including myself) is setting up an emergency fund for your dog. One thing I've realized being involved in CorgiPals is the worst CAN and WILL happen, and if a place like CP isn't available to help, it's a good idea to have an amount set aside for things like this. From what I've seen emergency medical expenses can range anywhere from 100-3000 dollars. I think something I'm going to implement in the future gaining of a dog is putting back 15 bucks a month for the first 2 years of owning him. That gives 360 bucks, which is a good start towards a down payment for any large issues that may arise. (Such as eating something, cancer, DM, ANYTHING).

Another option that I'm aware of is CareCredit. If your vet offers it, it's basically a credit card for large vet bills. I need to do a bit more research into it, but I believe there's no interest for the first 6 months. This in combination with a little bit of a fund set back can really make all the difference in being prepared for any shit hitting the fan. And hey...if it doesn't, then you have a little extra cash, so it's a win-win, amirite?

Of course I don't think these are at all necessary to pet ownership, and honestly I don't have the extra funds to set back for Mason, but I am aware of the CareCredit option and plan on using it if anything ever happens to him. I'm hoping to research a few more assistance programs like CareCredit for people like me, who are broke ass college grads who just want to know there are ways to survive a dog getting super ill and not get stressed at the thought and feel unprepared.

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