Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mason and Xena

Mason and Xena! My BFF Allison and I took our corgs to the park yesterday. Xena has a tendency to bolt when she feels playful, so I began a search for a fenced in area (since Broadway, VA isn't exactly dog park central) when I thought to ask my cousin (who is playing softball now) if any field in Broadway was fenced in, and THERE WAS ONE! We went down to the Timberville park by the river and one was COMPLETELY fenced in. We were thrilled.

They had a blast, and it's the first time since I left Olive that I got to see Mason's cardigan ass play with a pembroke (or whatever he is, I'm going to say cardigan since he still looks a hell of a lot like a cardigan (for example). Since I can't prove his pureness due to being rescued it's easier to say cardigan for now, as that's still what I personally believe. I guess that's the problem with most rescues--no papers to prove it, so what can ya do? And that is my makeshift explanation of why I bounce back and forth on it, but still retain that he's a cardigan.)

ANYWAYS. Seeing Xe run around made me miss my Olive so much. As much as I still want a catahoula mix, I may end up getting a Pem from a breeder like I originally planned. I guess whatever happens happens, and as with Mason the right dog will come along at the right time. No use rushing it. :) And in the meantime I can see Xena!!!! She's such a cutie. She and Mason have the same quirks--especially the "I'm going to lay down when you say sit. Derp." and the running around in circles while playing (play herding). Gotta love the corgz.

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