Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Second Dog Solved

I'm still a little leery to post this since it will seem final and I'm still thinking it's too good to be true, BUT: Justin is going to move to Austin (my eventual hopeful destination as well) and he has found roommates but they don't want a dog. He is willing to find another place to live, but he offered Olive back to me to both make it easier on him, and because I've been still checking up on her and miss her every day. My dear friend Shannon even offered to drive her up if she could stay for a while, and I said HELL YES.

So I'll be getting my little girl back! I'm so thrilled. It has to wait either until my parents cave under me begging to let her come back and stay in their house, or until I move out (undetermined. If he moves to Austin before I move out I'm sure they'd let her come or I could find a foster situation, which I'd rather not do.) Here's my little furry demon red-headed tri pem girl:

A little about Olive: I rescued her back in August, she was dumped in an animal shelter from what I'm guessing is from a breeder as a few others that look just like her have popped up there--usually females that have obviously been bred. I had also been told by someone in Bowling Green that there IS a man who gets rid of his females when they can no longer have puppies. Olive is only about 19 pounds, and looks like she only had 1 litter, so I'm assuming maybe that first litter didn't work for her, because she is SO TINY. Even for a corgi she is little.

She is very grouchy, protests to anyone touching her butt without her consent and makes awful choking demon noises when she's excited about another dog. I MISS HER SO MUCH!

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