Sunday, February 26, 2012

Work in Progress

This is what I've been working on lately, my friend's metal band's tshirt junt. I did their last CD and their last tshirt, and they've sold out of those so it's time for another. This is just a version I WISH THEY'D USE or something similar, but I doubt they will because it's kind of incomprehensibly eye-burny.

Oh! And I ordered the crankset and Oury grips for Beetlejuice Friday, so hopefully I can get him into working condition this coming week. Brakeless, but I don't plan on riding him far until I get some brakes. Maybe just take him to the park and try to practice riding fixed in general. I'm going to saw off the drop bars for the time being. Hopefully the bank will send me my fudgin' debit card so I can order the handlebars, seat and brake.

It's really nice out and I'm stuck inside on Photoshop! SIGH!


  1. get some foot retention (its relatively easy to rig something if you cant afford it right away) and practice SKIP stopping. its the best way to stop a brakeless fixed gear!!

    here's a relatively good video example:

  2. I was gonna make these once I got my debit card (my tax refund is in my account ajfdsklaklfds):

    Thank you!!! I've been watching a few videos, I think I learn best by watching what I'm gonna do first. I think I'm gonna take it to the park this week once i get it together and practice a bit.