Thursday, February 23, 2012


So now that I'm not a crippled old woman and I can ride bikes again, I decided to pick it back up. I'm really amped about doing just about anything now that I can, and I wanna ride fixed gear because A) I never have B)I hate gears and have always rode single speed C) I want a challenge D) I want something I can learn on, like learn tricks and stuff.

I used to have a Raleigh that my friend Cara converted to a single speed for me before my joints went to hell and I couldn't ride and I sold it, thinking I'd be 4ever in pain. Now that I'm not, I found ANOTHER Raleigh (totally not my intent, I was gonna get a Motobecane track bike online) in my friend Charles' backyard and after talking to Cara and my friend Jim I've decided to build this puppers cuz it'll be like a 300 dollar investment in something totally badass.

Just talking to them and having my dad help me disassemble it and looking at fresh parts I've learned A LOT. Not enough to call myself at all competent, but I love learning new things and it's exciting.

As you see in the title of this post, I've decided to name my bike Beetlejuice. I have two progress photos of relevance, I'm putting the cog/lockring on the wheel this weekend and putting the wheels on temporarily until I get the crankset/raiserbars/grips/brake/wolfseat with my tax refund.



As you can see I just propped it up on those wheels to check it out, and it still has some masking tape on the Raleigh logo and other parts that need to be taken off and sanded to finish (no I didn't just attack it with paint haha).

So far its only parts are the Raleigh sportif frame (lugged and sexy repainted in Mandarin orange) and the Eighthinch Amelia lime green wheelset. Oh, and I have a 1/8 inch purple chain sitting off to the side waiting to be used.

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