Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Thing

Today I'm gonna talk about dog toys. Because this thing:

Is baller. I can sing praises all day long about Kongs and how wonderful they are, but I'm sure if you own a dog you know all about how indestructible and stuffable they are, but they're like...8-12 bucks. This thing:

Was 4. And it's already lasted almost 2 months with three dogs chewing on it. THREE!! Let alone my super destructo Mason, my parent's two dogs have been nomming on this thing, and only one end section has been chewed to ALMOST destruction.

Now I've always heard mixed reviews on nylabone products--if you don't know, they're meant to be chewed and then break off into little digestable pieces, and they're also imbued with some sort of witchcraft that makes them taste like chicken. I've heard tales of big pieces being broken off and lodged in digestive tracts, so I always supervise them when they chew this, but I've really had no issue.

I highly recommend this thing, whatever the hell it's called. That is all.

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