Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Second Dog

So I spend a lot of time drooling over various dogs and thinking about how much I want another one. I spent a long time wanting a second corgi--specifically a blue merle cardigan, but I threw that out because they are REALLY expensive (800-1000 bucks) and I'd rather wait till later in life to get another cardi. Then I was thinking a red and white pembroke, which was what I had always wanted, but being involved in corgi rescue really makes me attached to the mixes. It's sad to see how excited people get about purebred dogs needing rescue and how fast they get snatched up, but mixes rarely get commented on and I end up being one of the few people trying my best to make sure the dogs don't get euthanized.

I then heeler-corgi-mix...aka Cowboy Corgi. But today when discussing that with my brother, he told me he knew someone who had a litter of purebred Heelers and they all ended up mean natured. I had always heard they were a little harder to socialize than most, but he made it sound like these guys were just ROUGH. That their working drive is really hard to contain...which made me kind of think of the fact that the only ones I know that are in homes are on farms, and the one I saw at the park was the same way--it kept picking fights with everyone. Not that I intend to breed generalize, since I know for a fact I have some wonderful friends on facebook who have raised cattle dogs and love them dearly (all of which are corgi owners, which is why after a little research and knowing this I thought that since I raised a herding dog with a SUPER high energy level that I'd be able to handle it), but I'm not sure if that is the right dog for me after that discussion.

But then I concluded; I don't know what I'm going to get. I'll know when the time comes. Right now I'd like a corgi-heeler-catahoula-australian shepherd-shipperke-white german shepherd-wolf dog-dire wolf. So who knows. But I think I've decided after a while of pondering going to a breeder that I want a mix. I want to rescue another dog, like I did Mason, but not a purebred. Mason was in danger because he was in a small SUPER HIGH KILL shelter and no one but I knew about him. But all the other purebred corgis I find get fucking FOUGHT over. And the poor adorable mixes (like one I saw the other day online) get euthanized and threw to the wayside because they don't fit some stupid standard and don't come with stupid sheets of paper. And to those who respect and follow AKC standards--I am not downing on you, I'm just downing on the fact that every dog isn't treated as being as special as they really are just because of their lineage. And every dog should be treated with the same respect. A mixed breed is just as loving and lovable as a pure bred dog from champion lines.

I like to think of the story my friend Becca told of when she found her dog--from my understanding, I don't think she was looking for anything in particular, but she found him as a puppy and knew that very instant he was hers. I thought about it, and that's much the same way I found Mason--I went in going for a red and white pem, and found him and I saw his one floppy ear and his big brown eyes and I knew he was mine. And I know that it will happen again (but this time Mason has to approve too, and this time I'm going in without any specific idea...just the thoughts in the back of my mind of my current favorite pups!)

I don't care if the next dog I get has corgi in it, I don't care if it's big, small, tall, short, ugly or cute. I just want to search and search and when I find the right dog I'll know. I'm coming to find I am total dog dork, and no matter how many dogs I see, I'm changing my mind day to day what I want because I love them ALL. Every dog is special, and when I find the perfect addition, I'll know it. And for now...Mason is quite enough love for me. It will probably be at least a year until I get a second, I just like daydreaming about getting him a brother to play with.

Or I just want a corehound.


  1. ill take a baby murloc,:D heelers arent always mean and extreme one of my bosses has four and they are sweet and loving,

    1. HAHA YES! And yeah, I know! I know a couple people that have them that are really sweet too, it probably depends a little bit on their lineage as to their temperament. I just think it was another reason to point me towards a mix--getting something mixed with heeler would kinda avoid any predisposed temperament problems i guess is what I was gettting at there...if that makes sense :| WORLD OF WARCRAFT DERP.