Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Mason

So I have just a couple photos from Mason's puppy dayz. I wish I had kept his photo from when I first saw him online, he was tiny and dirty and one of his ears was floppy. But, here's 4-5 month old baby Mason, for your entertainment:

To me he just looks like the midget version of what he looks like now. I wish I could have seen him at 2 months! A couple photos feature his sister Miss Darcy Cordelia Walls-Barton, and the one with three of them at the couch features Bingley, his brother. (Mason top left, Darcy right and Bing bottom left). They were all dumped at the same shelter in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. I was originally going to pick Bingley, but he pissed on my new Marvel tshirt so I chose Mason instead. We left Bingley and went back trying to find someone to take him since it was an extremely high kill shelter. My friends who picked Darcy got one of their parents to take him, they put him on reserve and when they went and got him they said the place was desolate. When we originally went for Mason and Darcy, it was packed (at least 4 dogs in every kennel, and they were even housing them in the dog run). It's really scary.

I do have to hand it to them, the people that worked there did the best with what they were given. They weren't funded very well, but they advertised their dogs and cats the best they could, but there were just too many. When we originally came they had just gotten several baskets of kittens and tried to pawn a handful of them onto us for free! They were doing the best to save the animals, and I felt horrible for what they were given to do so. They were also very sweet--given their facility, they of course couldn't accept cards and that's all I had brought, so they trusted me to mail them the check for his adoption fee when I got home. How many places these days would do that? They gave me the greatest little guy I could have ever asked for. (Even if he was covered in 20+ ticks, fleas and had kennel cough and severe hookworms hah.)


  1. Okay, in that first pic, his ear looks bigger than his head. Poor sick lil puppy. I was lucky and Didgi was in perfect health, despite being COVERED with poop.

    1. Covered in poop???? Hahahahhahaha!!! Omg guy. Yeah the stuff he had wasn't expensive to treat, just gross cuz kennel cough makes them produce copious amounts of white foam. Oh and the first
      Night I had him he pooped on himself. After that he was perfectly kennel trained lol it was traumatizing I guess